LEGO Star Wars: Chrome Stormtrooper Minifigures at US TRU

lego star wars chrome stormtrooperRemember when we discussed how Toys R Us in Europe were getting polybagged, chrome stormtroopers as an Easter promotion? Well it looks like the US stores are too!

Both FBTB.net and ToysNBricks.com posted details this morning.

I would appear that if you spend $11.99 or more on a LEGO Star Wars set, then you get one of these guys for free. This is true on-line and in stores. It would also appear that you can buy these guys separately on-line for $2.99 apiece.

I'd suggest going down to your local Toys R Us today, look for the new Prince of Persia sets, and potentially pick up a chrome stormtrooper to boot (albeit you'll have to buy a LEGO Star Wars set too)!

(Picture from Toys R Us website)

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