LEGO Prince of Persia Update 3/12/10

Picture of set 7569 LEGO Prince of Persia Desert Attack
FBTB.net has just posted four hi-res images of the new LEGO Prince of Persia sets.

For my money the Desert Ambush set (#7569, pictured here) appears to be the best bet for minifigures. You get four minifigures, a horse, and various accessories, all for around $15.

The next best bet would be the Ostrich Race (#7570) for about $5 more. You still get Dastan and two other figures (not the baddies pictured here though), plus two ostriches and various accessories. There are also more bricks with this set.

There have been sightings of certain sets a Toys R Us recently, but buyer beware. TRU will often mark sets up versus other retailers.

(Picture from FBTB.net)

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