LEGO Prince of Persia Now Up On Store 3/25/10

LEGO Prince of Persia Ostrich Race"The Ugly Duckling" store on BrickLink now has LEGO Prince of Persia minifigures and animals for sale.

If you are new to BrickLink, we have a helpful post/guide here.

The new items include the following (all prices in USD):
  • Dastan w/shirt - includes swords and scabbard ($3.99)
  • Dastan shirtless - includes swords and scabbard ($7.99)
  • Sheik Amar ($4.50)
  • Ostrich Rider - includes whip ($4.50)
  • Claw Hassansin - includes two porcupine hand blades ($4.50)
  • Axe Hassansin - includes double-bladed axe ($4.50)
  • 2 Ostriches ($5.99 each)
  • New Black Persian Horse with saddle ($3.80)
Prices do not include shipping.

LEGO Prince of Persia set Desert AttackAs always please read my store policies tab before making a purchase, and feel free to contact me via BrickLink if you have any questions. Supplies are limited. First come, first served.

(Pictures from LEGO.com)

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