LEGO Minifigure Pigs in Farm Set 7684

LEGO has recently released set 7684 (Pig Farm & Tractor), and although we focus primarily on minifigures of the two-legged variety, we won't discriminate against their four-legged friends. As the name implies, this set is significant in that it introduces minifigure-scale pigs. More and more animals have started to show up in LEGO sets, like the cows in set 10193 (Medieval Market Village). Not to mention the LEGO camels and ostriches that will soon appear in the April LEGO Prince of Persia sets.

Prior to this, AFOL's had to rely on the secondary market and retailers like BrickForge

Andrew from The Brothers Brick provides a mini-review of the set which compares the LEGO pigs with BrickForge.

What other animals would you like to see LEGO release next?

(Picture from LEGO.com)

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