Fantasy LEGO League: Star Trek

Star Trek 2009 movie posterLadies and gentlemen, I give you the second entry into "The Fantasy LEGO League". You can see the "rules" of these posts here. On with the show, or as Captian Picard might say, "Engage".

Must-Have Minifigures (A+): Although the aliens are not varied as those in Star Wars, who wouldn't want to build a Klingon minifigure army?

Propensity for Vehicles (A): Starships, starships, and more starships! The only potential down side here is that many of the ships are of a larger scale with few land-based or small sized items.

Preexisting Fan-Base (A): Please see the film "Trekkies". If it has conventions world-wide, then it has a pretty good fan base. The new film likely helped to extend that fan-base as well.

Depth of Theme (A+): TV, movies, books, and 40-plus years of mythology. Nuff said.

Kid Friendliness (B+): May be more popular among adults than teens and kids.

Likelihood of License (D): Lucas would likely not want the competition, and considering how Star Wars is a cash cow for TLG they wouldn't want to rock the boat either.

Overall (C-): Despite the obvious upside of LEGO Star Trek, I think the elephant in the room is Star Wars. TLG would also not likely want to 'over-invest' in space themes. Although I would love to see a minifigure Spock or Borg battle packs, I don't see it likely.

BrickForge phaser for LEGO Star TrekCustom Options: Starships can always be recreated without any issue. The real trick would be in the creation of custom minifigures. Enter 'LEGO Star Trek minifigures' in Google and all it would appear you get are 'Star Wars'. There are some options, however.

BrickForge currently sells phasers in several colors. Although, not for sale, the 'miniquins' also demonstrate how a very simple Star Fleet officer might look. Vulcan/Romulan ears and Klingon head-ridges remain elusive.

Fine Clonier has actually gone one step better in producing decals that can be used to create Star Fleet officers from any generation. Their store has several custom categories and instructions on how to apply.

Open all hailing frequencies...

(Picture from BrickForge)

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