Fantasy LEGO League: The Simpsons

Last month on the Facebook page I expressed a hope that LEGO might rekindle the Batman line, now that it appears a third film by Chris Nolan is greenlit. This got me to thinking...wouldn't it be fun to offer up some wild-conjecture and wish-list options on LEGO sets that could be?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first entry into "The Fantasy LEGO League". In that post I'll put forth an idea for a new theme, and rate that idea based on a few criteria:

- Must have minifigures (this is a minifig blog after all)
- Propensity for vehicles (themes with vehicle sets are often best sellers)
- Preexisting fan-base
- Depth of theme
- Kid friendliness
- Likelihood of license

I'm open to other dimensions, but think of these more qualitatively vs. quantitatively.

Must-Have Minifigures (A+): This may in fact be the biggest draw of this idea. A literal cast of thousands.

Propensity for Vehicles (D):
Aside from the Simpson's family roadster and Bart's skateboard, I can't really think of any iconic vehicles from the series. There a lot of potential set pieces, but not many modes of transportation.

Preexisting Fan-Base (A+): Hasn't this show been on for 100 years?!

Depth of Theme (A): Again, with so many story lines over the years, there are a lot of areas to mine for set ideas.

Kid Friendliness (B+): Although I grew up with the Simpson's, I don't know if kids today would see the appeal. The potential is there...

Likelihood of License (A): There have been many licensed properties based on the Simpsons over the years. I wouldn't think there would be difficulties here.

Overall (A): The lack of vehicles would be the main downside to this idea...oh but the minifigure potential! Depending upon the success and profitability of the collectible minifigures out later this year, you could even have a series completely focused on The Simpson's alone.

That's enough about my ideas, what do you think?


  1. Propensity for Vehicles - what about Krusty's Canyonero or Mr Plow's Snow Plow? Or the iconic School Bus that's falling apart? Or the radio-active truck that landed on Millhouse/Fallout boy? Marge's Pretzel wagon? There are limitless possibilities for Simpsons vehicles!!

  2. Oh, and Stampy, he could be classed as a vehicle... Would be nice to see Lego bring back the elephants....

  3. Ha, ha! Fair enough. I guess there were a few Simpsons racing games they could source from too.

    I would hope they would strive for the more iconic vehicles. The new Toy Story 3 lines feel like they've shoe horned vehicles into those sets. Lotso's Dump Truck and the Garbage Truck Getaway to name two. The Pizza Planet Delivery Truck, however...classic.