Fantasy LEGO League: Scooby-Doo

Welcome to the next segment in "The Fantasy LEGO League", Scooby-Doo! No. Seriously. Scooby-Doo...

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Must-Have Minifigures (A): Scooby and the gang would be cool, but the real appeal would be various mosters in minifigure form. The Creeper. Old Ironface. Jaguaro. That guy who was in the diving suit with the nuclear seaweed all over it. It would also be a great excuse for zombies, wolfmen, vampires, and ghosts!

Propensity for Vehicles (D): There's The Mystery Machine, and...The Mystery Machine...and, um...OK, so this theme would be defined by haunted houses, castles, and The Mystery Machine!

Preexisting Fan-Base (A): Despite being over 40 years old, Scooby-Doo is still generating successful movies and books. It has a fan base both young and old to draw on.

Depth of Theme (A): Remember when I said its been around for over 40 years?! Sure, every single episode followed the same formula, but so does "House" and its the most popular TV show in the world.

Kid Friendliness (A): No worries here...

Likelihood of License (A): Warner Brothers owns the license and TT Games the makers of the LEGO Video Games. Right now Ben 10 and Harry Potter are the only Warner licenses in production.

Overall (A): I think this would have a lot for kids and AFOLs alike. Warner owns the license, a great opportunity for minifigures, not much in the way of an overlapping theme. This would an easy way to bring back a kid-friendly "horror" theme, not seen since the days of Studio. With all of this going for it, I wouldn't surprised if LEGO announced this tomorrow.

(Pictures from KidsWB.com and BrickLink)

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