Eurobricks Gets Early Looks at Cheerleader and Caveman

Eurobricks members CopMike and ZeeK get two early looks at the upcoming LEGO Collectible Minifigures, The Cheerleader and The Caveman (sounds like a TV sitcom doesn't it?!).

ZeeK's review doesn't include many pics, but describes some additional details:
  • As previously mentioned the beard and hairpiece are similar to the Hagrid's from Harry Potter sets, but instead of molded rubber its made of ABS
  • The club that comes with The Caveman is smaller than the Castle troll's
  • There is not printing on the back of the figure, only the front
CopMike got his wish and was able to score The Cheerleader. Some additional details include the following:
  • The item number of the back of the pack is the same as The Spaceman. It looks like you'll have to revert to "feeling it out" to pre-identify
  • We now have a picture showing the pom poms in more detail (i.e. how they connect to the figure's hand)
  • CopMike notes the similarity between the Michigan Wolverines cheer uniforms and the LEGO one. What does that "M" stand for anyway?!
That's all for now. More to come as it happens...

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