Collectible Minifigures Series 1: The Magician

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I present, the amazing, the stupendous, the all powerful "Prestidigitator"! No? Let's just talk about "The Magician" instead.

Minifigure Parts
The Magician is composed of five parts, a top hat (part 3878), a head with mustache and goatee print, a torso with tuxedo print, and black legs. He also comes with a black hair piece for when he's pulling rabbits out of his hat. The torso with black tuxedo print, red, tie and cummerbund appears to be brand new. The closest we've come would be on the Indiana Jones figure from the Shanghai Chase set.

The accessory is a magic wand, a 3L version of part 30374 with white print on the tips. As always, the figure will come with the new minifigure stand.

Army Building Potential
The "army building potential" or "ABP" for this figure is low. Don't get me wrong, this is a great figure, I just don't see people clamoring for multiples.

Feeling It Out
This figure might be difficult to identify through the packaging with no obvious features or accessories that can be ID'd via touch. The top hat might be distinctive, but we don't exactly know how the figs will be packaged.

Bar Codes
The following are the secondary bar codes that can be found on the back of each bag which indicates the figure inside. The bar code on the left is valid for the EU while the bar code on the right is valid for the US. These bar codes come courtesy of Brickset.com where a single pdf containing all bar codes can be found.

The Big Draw
The big draw here is the tuxedo torso in my opinion (James Bond minifigure anyone?). The wand being 3L in size, like the laser beam from The Spaceman's gun, then it might be sought after for its uniqueness. To date all of these parts have been 4L.

FBTB.net Poll Standings
According to the poll currently on the FBTB.net forums, The Magician has very few votes, which is surprising. As always, those who frequent AFOL forums may not be representative of the broader market, but it looks like these figures might be sought just to fill out a full series one collection. Then again this might be the surprise figure of the bunch.

Official LEGO.com Bio
“Hey presto, allez-oop – and it’s gone!”

Appearing out of nowhere with a flourish of his cape and a twirl of his elegant, curly moustache, the mysterious Magician is the ultimate in stylish showmanship. He loves a good audience to appreciate his incredible and sense-defying magic tricks, but watch out – not only is he an amazing performer, but he’s also a talented prankster as well! He’ll confuse, bewilder and amaze with a mix of sleight-of-hand and impossible feats, and the more surprised his audience is, the better.

Whether he’s making a flock of doves fly out of his wand or pulling a giant rabbit out of his magic hat, the Magician is always ready to put on a spectacular show…right up until he vanishes without a trace in a flash of lightning and a puff of smoke!

(Pictures from FBTB.net and Brickset)

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