Collectible Minifigures Series 1: The Nurse

Minifigure Parts
The Nurse is made up of four parts. The hairpiece, head, torso with nurse scrub print, and white legs. The torso print is a more detailed version of what has adorned female doctor figures from the past. The hair seems like a new female style with ponytail, as I have yet to find something similar in the BrickLink catalog.

There are two accessories with this figure, a tile with chart print and a syringe. Both items are new to the LEGO universe. As always, the figure will come with the new minifigure stand.

Army Building Potential
The "army building potential" or "ABP" for this figure is low to moderate. The new torso could be used to update your minifigure hospital staff, but not much beyond that.

Feeling It Out
The chart and syringe are likely the items to look for here. There may be potential for confusion with The Demolition Dummy and its license plate and spanner accessories.

Bar Codes
The following are the secondary bar codes that can be found on the back of each bag which indicates the figure inside. The bar code on the left is valid for the EU while the bar code on the right is valid for the US. These bar codes come courtesy of Brickset.com where a single pdf containing all bar codes can be found.

The Big Draw
The torso and accessories are the big draws here. If the hair style is actually new, it could be desirable too.

FBTB.net Poll Standings
According to the poll currently on the FBTB.net forums, The Nurse is at the back of the pack with figures like The Deep Sea Diver and The Skater. As always, those who frequent AFOL forums may not be representative of the broader market, but it looks like this figure might be sought just to fill out a full series one collection.

Official LEGO.com Bio  
“Don’t worry, you’ll feel all better after this!”

Cheerful, professional and devoted to making people feel better, the Nurse believes that everybody around her ought to be as healthy as possible at all times, even if that means covering them from head to toe in bandages and checking every reflex in their body with a little rubber hammer. She can tape up a boo-boo, dash to the scene of an accident with a wheelchair or build a fully-functional MRI machine out of random spare pieces, all in a dizzying blur of motion…whether her chosen patient wants her to or not!

The Nurse thinks that every problem can be solved by expert medical care. If she sees a child crying because its balloon is stuck up in a tree, she’ll try everything from checking its temperature to taking X-rays, trying more and more complicated procedures when nothing seems to solve the problem. She doesn’t understand why the tears stop as soon as she gives the child a new balloon for being such a good patient, but she’s proud and delighted that her treatment worked anyway.

(Pictures from FBTB.net and Brickset)

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