Collectible Minifigures Series 1: The Deep Sea Diver

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
Here the figure and accessories are hard to separate. There are six different pieces overall. There's the helmet with trans-blue goggles and snorkel, head, wetsuit torso, scuba tank, legs, and flippers. Although the colors and print are different, this figure is not unlike those offered with the Aquaraiders back in 2007.

As always the figure comes with the new minifigure stand.

Army Building Potential
The "army building potential" or "ABP" for this figure is moderate. The scuba outfits might be desirable for underwater MOCs. They might also be good compliments with figures from the recent Atlantis sets.

Feeling It Out
The scuba tank and flippers might be the best items to feel out.

Bar Codes
The following are the secondary bar codes that can be found on the back of each bag which indicates the figure inside. The bar code on the left is valid for the EU while the bar code on the right is valid for the US. These bar codes come courtesy of Brickset.com where a single pdf containing all bar codes can be found.

The Big Draw
With Aquaraiders only being offered just three years ago, there may not be a big draw for The Diver.

FBTB.net Poll Standings
According to the poll currently on the FBTB.net forums, The Diver has only one or two votes. This would put him on par with The Skater and The Tribal Hunter. As always, those who frequent AFOL forums may not be representative of the broader market, but it looks like this figure might be sought just to fill out a full series one collection.

Official LEGO.com Bio  
“Blub blurb glub?”

The Deep Sea Diver seems like a nice enough fellow, but no one can tell for sure, because no one can understand what he’s saying. Whenever he speaks, all that comes out is burbles and bubbles. He might be easier to understand if he ever took off his diving mask and air tank, but he thinks that he can’t breathe without them and always keeps them on, even when he’s walking around on land – which is a pretty funny sight, thanks to those big flippers on his feet!

The Deep Sea Diver loves the water and can often be found swimming around in fish tanks and bathtubs, hoping to spot rare and exotic fish. He loves to tell stories about his amazing undersea adventures, but of course it’s impossible to guess what he’s actually talking about. His gestures and sound effects certainly make it all sound very exciting, though!

(Pictures from FBTB.net, BrickLink, and Brickset)

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