Collectible Minifigures Series 1: The Cowboy

Saddle up buckaroos, we are hitting the trail today and rustling up "The Cowboy".

Minifigure Parts
The Cowboy is composed of four parts, a hat, head, torso with bandolier and large belt buckle, brown legs. The hat is a dark tan version of the Indiana Jones fedora. The torso printis new and may be valued for its custom applications.

The accessories are a pair of standard revolvers in dark blue gray. Nothing really special here.

As always the figure comes with the new minifigure stand.

Army Building Potential
The "army building potential" or "ABP" for this figure is low.

Feeling It Out
The fedora and guns would be the items one would try to seek out, but it may be difficult to isolate. Luckily the other figures have few features that are similar and might lead to confusion.

Bar Codes
The following are the secondary bar codes that can be found on the back of each bag which indicates the figure inside. The bar code on the left is valid for the EU while the bar code on the right is valid for the US. These bar codes come courtesy of Brickset.com where a single pdf containing all bar codes can be found.

The Big Draw
The big draws here are the fedora if it comes in dark tan, a new color for this part, and the torso print.

FBTB.net Poll Standings
According to the poll currently on the FBTB.net forums, The Cowboy is near the back of the pack with figures like The Circus Clown and The Ninja. As always, those who frequent AFOL forums may not be representative of the broader market, but it looks like this figure might be sought just to fill out a full series one collection. 

Official LEGO.com Bio
“Yee-haw and yippie-ki-yay!”

This hero of the Old West is a master of the lucky shot. With the help of his trusty pair of six-irons, the Cowboy can hit any target at any distance, no matter how large or small. It’s a talent that he’s used to get himself out of plenty of sticky situations, and he’s happy to show it to anyone who asks for a demonstration.

Though he’s a bit of a show-off, the Cowboy is impeccably honest and fair, and always raises his hat to the ladies. He enjoys a good game of cards and a campfire cook-out, especially if someone’s brought along his favorite: chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. He never stays for long in any town, though, because he’s always out on the trail looking for his lost horse. After all, who’s ever heard of a cowboy without a horse?

(Pictures from FBTB.net and Brickset)

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