Buying from BrickLink - A Guide

This guide is intended to help you set up an account on the BrickLink website so that you can purchase minifigures, accessories, or other LEGO related items.

What is BrickLink?

Think of BrickLink as an online marketplace for LEGO. Have you shopped on eBay? If so, many of the processes of BrickLink will be familiar to you. Whether an experienced buyer or just starting, I would recommend reading the new user tutorial.

What do I need in order to buy from BrickLink?

Typically you need an e-mail account, a valid shipping address, a BrickLink account, and some way to pay. My store "The Ugly Duckling" only accepts payment from PayPal, so you would need a PayPal account as well. Each store can choose to accept different forms of payment. If its ever a question, look at the "Store Policy" tab for that vendor.

It's also good to check and see if the vendor ships to your country. Again, the "Store Policy" tab should be able to tell you.

Some final thoughts before checking out...

  • Make certain you understand the vendor's policy on shipping and handling fees, they are often not included in the purchase price shown.
  • If you are buying internationally, then make certain you understand if you order might be subject to taxes, duties, or customs clearance fees. More often or not this is the responsibility of the buyer, and those additional fees can add up!
  • Check to see if important accessories like lightsabers, guns, swords, etc. are included with the minifigure. Some vendors sell those items separately.
  • If you ever have a question about what you are buying, try and contact the vendor BEFORE you checkout.
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