BrickLink Report: March 2010

As you may or may not know the Ugly Duckling started as a store on BrickLink in 2010. We aim to specialize in LEGO minifigures and try to stand apart by including the accessories (guns, lightsabers, etc.) that come with the figures.

As part of these efforts, I've started to keep a record of some statistics from the catalog to help me in deciding what to invest in for the future. Please do not take information I share here as 'advice' on what to buy or sell on BrickLink. Like many things on this blog, I just do it in the spirit of fun. Also keep in mind, aside from hosting my store I have no other personal or professional relationship with the folks at BrickLink, fine people that they are.

Every month I will highlight a few interesting tidbits and factoids that I've found during the process. These facts only hold true for 2010 minifigures. So what did I find in March...
  • The minifigure bought most often (based on quantity) in February 2010 was the plain Green Army Man from set 7595. Quantity sold? 565.
  • The next highest seller was the stormtrooper with pauldron from set 8092 (Luke's Landspeeder). Quantity sold? 239.
  • The highest average price (paid) for a minifigure in February 2010 was the Tie Defender pilot from set 8087 at $21.74.
  • Who are the top three 'most wanted' minifigs in at the beginning of March? Toy Story Alien (73), Atlantis Squid Warrior (71), and Star Wars Barris Offee (63).
Some other interesting goings on...
  • There is still only one listing for the white Boba Fett that was handed out at Toy Fair 2010. Current price $749.99.
  • There is a quite a bit of debate going on at the BrickLink forums regarding the listings of the magnet sets and vintage minifigure collection. The issue is that some feel a separate listing isn't necessary while others do. The solution? Just be up front in your listing where the minifigures were sourced from, because some buyers care.
That's all for now. Check back in next month, when...

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