Star Wars 2010: Slave I

Although there have been several versions of Slave I in the past, set 8097 is still generating a lot of excitement.

The minifigures have to be one of the key features of this set. A redesigned Boba Fett, Bosk the bounty hunter, and Han Solo. As we all know from The Empire Strikes Back, Han is encased in carbonite during the film. With the release of this set, you can actually encase the minifigure in a carbonite shell instead of having it be a separate item.

Look for the new Slave I to hit stores in August 2010.

(Pictures from StarWars.com)


Star Wars 2010: Palpitine's Shuttle

We continue to highlight the new hi-res images of the 2010 Star Wars sets. Here we see set 8096 - Palpatine's Shuttle. The set includes minifigures for Palpatine, a wounded Darth Vader, clone pilot, and medical droid.

There's a feature with this set where you put Anakin down on the medical table, flip a switch, and he rises again as Vader.

As with all of the new Star Wars sets featured this will be out in August 2010.

(Pictures from StarWars.com)


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